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About Domain Authority Checker

Why Need of Domain Authority Checker?

If you wanted to feature on websites, for example, to gain backlinks, how would you know which ones to target?

After all, the Internet contains nearly 1.8 billion websites. There is, indeed, a ranking system! Usually referred to as “MOZ Domain Authority”. Not all websites are rated equally. Some people have greater “respect and reputation” than others. Some are still attempting to make headway. Some have been cultivating their web presence for years. Some people only registered this year.

This gap between websites necessitates the development of a rating system known as (DA).

What is Domain Authority?

Site DA is a score that indicates a website's “strength” and relevance for a given subject area or business. It is a logarithmic scale of points ranging from 0 to 100 that forecasts how well a website will rank on search engine result pages (SERPs). The larger the number of points, the higher the DA of a website.

Don't get the Website's name authority (Domain Authority) mixed up with page authority. They are distinct.

While website authority (DA) informs us about the overall ranking potential of the domain or website, page authority (PA) informs us about the ranking potential of a single web page.

To check, both require tools. And this is where we introduced you to the domain authority checker tool.

Domain authority checker tool by SmallSEOTools

Smart marketers constantly evaluate and increase the authority of their website in order to obtain domination and higher positions in search engine results pages (SERPs). They also keep an eye on their competitors' website DA to learn how to play their cards more effectively.

Domain Authority Checker by is the greatest and most popular charge tool on the web for determining Moz DA or website authority. Our free DA Checker Small SEO Tool is easy to use and will provide you with the correct DA of any website.

It is developed on a very dependable platform and can swiftly estimate the strength of a certain URL and its chances of ranking well in search engine results. As a result, the best free domain authority checker.

It is built using heavily reliable platform and can quickly determine the strength of a specific URL and the likelihood for it to rank well in search engine results. Hence, the best free domain authority checker.

Why Choose Our Websites PA DA Checker Small SEO Tools?

The PA DA Checker Small SEO Tools packs more brilliant features and benefits than most other DA Checker tools out there. Yet, you don’t have to pay a dime to use it.

Some digital marketers spend hundreds of dollars every year just so they can check their website Authority. But our tool is COMPLETELY FREE.

It’s fast, easy to use, and reliable. Some of the biggest names on the Internet use our free DA authority checker tool every so often.

The beauty of this DA checker tool is that it does not stop at showing you just the DA score of a website. It shows you the website’s page authority, Moz Rank & also from the results you can lead finding backlinks domain rating and the website SEO score for that specific website you searched. Providing you with the sum information which you might be wandering to search on different platforms.

Moreover, we have also facilitated our users that are looking for a tool that can find domain ratings for up to 5 sites at a time. Just try Bulk Domain Rating Checker Tool. It’s absolutely free as this was.

How to use our domain authority checker?

Using our Website Authority Checker is pretty easy. You’ll just have to follow these simple steps:

Within a couple of seconds, our powerful engine will serve the results.

It is built on a highly reliable platform and can quickly assess the strength of a certain URL and its prospects of ranking well in search engine results. As a result, the finest free domain authority checker was developed.

It is developed on a very dependable platform and can swiftly estimate the strength of a certain URL and its chances of ranking well in search engine results. As a result, the best free domain authority checker.

What to do with the data (Results)?

So, after determining the domain authority of your own or a competitor's website, what should you do with the information? Here are a couple of applications for the data:

  • Use it to establish your website's position when compared to similar websites in your field.

  • Use it to see if your marketing efforts are paying off.

  • Use it to discover how your competitors stack up (see who is who in your niche!) so you can position your brand to win.

  • Use it to improve your SEO.

  • Use it to identify good high-authority websites in your niche so you know where to go for quality backlinks using tactics such as guest blogging.

Factors that influence domain authority

Must be aware of how DA is computed. Moz calculates a website's domain authority based on over 100 parameters. Here are a few examples:

  • Referring to the root domains.

  • The total amount of hyperlinks to the website.

  • The calibre of the links.

  • Site volume (the amount of content on the site).

  • Domain age (when it first appeared on Google, not when the domain name was first registered).

  • The number of social signals.

  • Overall site content quality.

  • The speed of the website.

  • Moz trust (Moz trust is typically calculated by Moz and grows over time).

Tips to improve your website’s domain authority

The key to increasing your site's DA is to concentrate on the aspects that influence the DA itself. As already discussed.

For starters, you'll need to build high-quality backlinks. Links from other websites function similarly to votes; the more votes a website obtains, the higher its DA.

Pro Tip: Use our backlink checker tool to monitor your domain's backlink profile.

We've also noticed that one of the elements influencing DA is excellent content. To raise your website's web authority score, you should focus on creating material that is relevant, distinctive, and of high quality.

In short, work on improving ALL the factors listed above.

NEXT STEP: Go back up and enter the URL for which domain authority you'd like to check.

Why our DA PA Checker Tool?

Our reliable DA Checker Small SEO Tool software available on the internet allows you to check your rank. The best approach to check a site's authority is to use our free bulk DA checker. Our DA PA tester was meticulously designed using the Small SEO Tools Tech logarithmic scale. Its characteristics are listed below.

PA DA Checker Small SEO Tools Advantages

  • Raw Data - This option collects URLs from raw data and checks the domain authority (DA) of all domains.

  • URLs List - To verify website authority, paste a clean URLs list.

  • Spam Score - Our DA PA for authentic Website Authority Checker returns a spam score. 

  • Page authority predicts how well or poorly a web page will rank on SERPs.

  • IP address - It displays the specific IP address of a website, as well as the location from which it is controlled. So you can determine whether a group of websites is a PBN or not.

  • Bulk DA Checker - With our best PA DA Checker Small SEO Tools, users may check the DA and PA of up to 500 domains at once.

  • Google Indexed Pages Checker - In addition to DA PA and spam score, our program checks Google-indexed pages for each domain.

  • Download Excel Report - Download Excel files with a single click for URLs that have been checked.

How Does the Domain Authority Checker Tool Help to Improve SEO?

Domain and Page Authority measures a website's efforts or development in off-page SEO, SEO strategy, social signals, and SERP ranking potential.

As a result, the DA Checker Small SEO Tool rank provides us with a clue to better grasp a website's overall SEO and ranking.

Domain authority and page authority are useful indicators for tracking a domain's rank and authority. However, simply increasing DA should not be the end goal.

When defining SEO goals to outrank direct competition, there are numerous other SEO metrics and elements to consider. Small SEO tools also help to Create Meta Tags Online and offer Plagiarism Checker Small SEO to create quality content.

One method is to obtain niche-relevant, high-quality backlinks from credible sites. For link building, an SEO, or website owner must check the domain authority of websites. In this instance, using a bulk DA checking program is the best option.

The value of a website's authority is determined by its quality links, domain score, and total number of root domains.


1. Why Should You Use the Domain Authority Checker Tool?

Ans. The domain authority allows you to evaluate the website’s quality with the single score. By using our SEO Domain Authority Checker tool, you can:

  • Check the website’s DA or page authority of any individual pages you are building links to.

  • Additionally, with the DA Checker Small SEO Tool, find out the authority of the website of your competitors in organic search.

  • Observer the impact of additional links aimed to your site. Evaluate the potential link opportunities. Moreover, while creating the content, our SmallSEO Tools Article Rewriter is beneficial. 

2. How to Check the Domain Authority?

Ans. By entering the URLs you want to check one by one in the input field of DA Authority Checker and then hit the button to get their metrics. As a result of DA, PA, External links, and Rank.

3. What are Domain Authority and Page Authority?

Ans. When you perform the domain authority check by using the PA DA Checker Small SEO Tools, you will also get the page authority.

PA is similar to the score of DA, which indicates the likelihood of individual pages to rank rather than the website as complete. Enter the individual page URLs of any website in bulk Website Authority Checker to get the DA and PA score for the particular set of websites. Additionally, you can also check the age of the domain using our tool.

4. How to Increase Domain Authority Using Data

Ans. To improve the website’s Domain Authority, you need to collect the factors that are affecting DA. The most important factor is the link of other websites to yours. The backlinks of other websites are like votes: the more the website, the higher the site’s DA.

Backlinks from a website with a higher DA are mostly of higher quality than backlinks from a website with a lower DA. So keep in mind that not every vote is equal. Hence, the guest post service allows adding links to your website with a DA of your choice.